Buninyong & District Financial Services Overview

VISION: We will contribute to the growth and prosperity of our Community.

MISSION: Building on the tradition of the Bendigo Bank, we will provide accessible, friendly and competitive financial services to individuals, families, groups and business in our Community.


Buninyong & District Financial Services Limited is a community owned public company (ACN 137 673 388), with approximately 680,000 issued shares.

Following an extensive period of community consultation and feasibility studies, in 2009 the company entered into a non-exclusive franchise agreement with Bendigo and Adelaide Bank Limited governing the establishment, management and operation of our Community Bank Branch at 401B Warrenheip Street, Buninyong.

To be sure, we are a “for profit” banking business; but where we differ from other banks is that the overwhelming majority of the profit we generate is distributed back into our communities. This is the quantitative expression of the Community Bank mantra to feed into community prosperity, not off it.


The Community Bank model was developed by Bendigo Bank to provide communities with the certainty that banking services will be available locally.

The local community forms a public company limited by shares to represent the community. The company raises capital locally and purchases a franchise from Bendigo Bank to run a bank branch.

A clear separation of roles and responsibilities exists:
•    Our branch Manager and staff provide a full suite of personal, business, rural and club banking services to customers in our communities
•    Bendigo & Adelaide Bank, as the franchisor, provides the full suite of banking products and systems (for example, IT systems, treasury funds, staff training, branch compliance audits, marketing programs etc.) to the branch
•    Buninyong & District Financial Services Ltd, and its Directors, has zero engagement with the Branch in banking matters. All banking remains 100% confidential within the branch structure. The role of the company is to secure working capital, establish and maintain its Vision and Mission, develop strategies and policies to deliver on these and to maintain Enterprise Value, to help implement business growth strategies, and to administer the community investment programs.

To ensure shareholders’ interests are preserved, the company employs local Ballarat accounting firm Butler & Associates to prepare and maintain the company’s accounts and ensure reporting to ASIC, Ballarat firm MOR Accountants perform the annual and semi-annual audits, and Bendigo firm RSD maintains the company’s share registry.


In common with more than 300 Community Bank Branches nationwide, Community Bank Buninyong & District has three main objectives:

To secure branch banking services for participating communities.


To help communities better manage locally generated capital, and so provide them with a better return on their capital.